Monday, 15 May 2017

A midsummer night's dream

Well, it took a while but the Cookies are finally done.
Now, some real fun can get started.
I have several major projects at work for over the summer.
Chiefly, I want to make a series of videos that concentrate on explaining the nuances of the game industry. Some of the dirty, gritty details like the fact that game developers technically don't own their own intellectual properties or the connection between Donald Trump and Zenimax.
It should be an interesting experiment, I've already made a little experimental video testing some of the ideas I had.
Also, I want to start making podcasts. I was ignorant before on how to distribute my essays in an auditory form. I think now that setting up a podcast series on something like itunes would be wise.
I had made plans for creating a mod for Fallout: New Vegas. I have the entire story all planned, but am hesitant over getting started. It would take a lot of time, and I am unsure whether it would be better to just use that time for something more productive.
I will have to see.

This week I will be releasing a video on the subject of what Assassin's creed would look like if remade by Ubisoft, furthermore I intend to release my second part of the dragons in modern culture series.

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