Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Modern Story Podcast

Do you like anime, video games and other popular forms of storytelling but find that you just can't be pretentious enough about it to feel good inside?
Announcing the Modern Story Podcast: a series exploring modern stories with a critical eye usually reserved for Film/Literary Criticism. Modern Storytellers will finally be recognised and lazy writers will have nowhere to hide.

1. Death in Modern Storytelling
Death is a subject that has fascinated the human mind since the childhood of our species. In this podcast I take a look at Death as a theme as explored within anime, video games and live action television drama.

Warning: Contains spoilers for episode 1 of Akame ga kill, which is shit, so don't bother watching it anyway.
Stories covered in this podcast:
Game of Thrones
Tokyo Ghoul
Walking dead
Akame ga kill
Attack on titan
Halo Reach

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